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The multidimesional, prismatic, vortex-focus of these blogs is very direct, blunt and not in judgement of any human... but in refinement & expansion of the TRUE self... the Consciousness AKA the Soul.

I filter NOTHING as all data is in actuality (proven by quantum physics) TRUE... the REAL Question is to which dimension does that truth belong? Is it of a lower dimesional consciousness in seperation (which is any form of fear, or anything NOT unconditional peace)... or is it a higher dimensional truth... a core truth which is expressed to some degree by all (depending on what dimension their focus is anchored in).

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Nov. 7th, 2012 @ 02:17 am Former Classified Projects Physicist on Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines
Vortex Point: Within & As GOD
E-Motion: ecstaticecstatic

"Monday, 5 November 2012
Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines & Ascension
edited 11/5- 8pm est: Please feel free to add your comments and any questions you have on the article in the comment section below. We will be gathering comments from all the various sites that are working together to bring this information out, and we will be forwarding the best questions to the author of the paper. As soon as possible we will post his replies.

This paper that you are about to read may be one of the most important things you have read in a long time. I'm not going to lie to you, it is not a quick and easy read- you are going to need a clear head and to have your thinking caps well planted on your cranium. The gentleman who wrote this paper is genius squared but he worked very hard on bringing this information down to the "layman" level in terms of language and explanations of some extremely in depth science. As you read this, you will realize just how much of the science that you learned in school is backwards.

As my friend Aaron, of Soldier Hugs has to say:

We all know the “NEW WORLD ORDER” conspiracy exists, but what you DON’T know is the SUPER SECRET science they have so desperately sought to conceal in covert obscurity for almost a century which culminates the END GAME for the rest of “US” as part of their twisted and insane quest for absolute subjugation and eradication of everyone outside of their demented and synthetically false plan to keep the majority of humanity locked into a spiraled web of deceit, manipulation, and DE-EVOLVED state.

This is being done as a means of DISTRACTION and ultimately a STALL tactic in order keep humanity locked into the current 3D paradigm and installed BELIEF archetypes, as the Cosmic Clock rapidly thrusts the Sun, the Earth, and Mankind towards the natural and inevitable Stellar evolution of ASCENSION!…

Here and Now, comes to us from a genius insider recruited directly out of college to work on SUPER SECRET “BLACK PROJECTS”, the desperately concealed REAL SCIENCE that outlines the structure and malicious actions perpetrated on humanity for nearly a century. Those of “US” that consider ourselves “AWAKE” know about various plots, plans, and agendas aimed at the ultimate subjugation and extermination of most of “US”, but this is NOT merely for the purpose of enslaving most of humanity to serve the “ILLUMINATI ELITE”, but rather these are mere actions aimed at a MUCH GRANDER SCHEME!

Do not be daunted by the difficulty level in the first part of this article, as you go through it you will find it becomes easier to pull the pieces together. I guarantee that you will have several *THUD* moments while you are reading this when your jaw will literally hit the floor as pieces of the puzzle come together giving you a greater understanding of so many things that many of us have been discussing and reading about for a long time.

This article "Geoengineering, chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension" is the first in a series of articles by Daniel. The next article we will be releasing will be "Time & Timelines".... another blow your mind out your ear article that will change just about everything you thought you knew.

Are you ready to learn something that will absolutely rock your world? Then read on!"

[Download the pdf bellow it is AMAZING!]


In terms of refined expansion aka "ascension":

When the "atom" is ionized to faster than light levels it loses isotopes and emits radio waves (releases it's lower energies to ascend) and when it loses it's ionization of speeds faster than light is gains back it's isotopes and releases it's higher energies (x-rays, decension). Simple.

Using scalar waves ionization is created. 1 unit of ionization makes the last 27 elements radioactive (emitting radio waves to ascend)... elements 118 Uranium and up. At 2 units of ionization 13 more elements join the ascension process, GOLD on up is radioactive! Hence Gold as an ascension aid in it's ceramic M-state.

"Now you know that the reciprocal process to radioactive emission is x-ray emission, and both have to do with crossing the FTL boundary (sub-light motion in 3D space to FTL motion in 3D time). FTL acceleration produces radioactivity; deceleration produces x-rays."

This is why silencing the mind and being in the INSTANT MOMENT OF NOW (Zero Point) allows consciousness to flip into the 3D time and access the Akashic Records... AKA God's Book/Record of life which contains the cyclical code which is macro and micro fractalized cycles in time repeated... the Alpha Zodiac Omega to the Unified 13th EYE.... the Portal or Center/Pupil/"Black Hole" [which emits light btw] of the Cycle of 12... unifying it and seeing it from a WHOLISTIC perspective. The mind requires waves of process (A to B) whereas the silent mind of total receptivity free of judgment/unconditional love is not a process but a state of constant consistent being in the now and thus is faster, instant... this will naturally allow the consciousness to make the flip and see the "future" and "past" AKA the infinite totally connected WHOLE now which always includes all possibilities all connected in infinite timelines all converging inevitably back to the realization of and as Source.

"Because of the reciprocal relation, FTL motion is expanding in time, so compressing in space. When it drops sub-light, that compression re-expands like a spatial explosion. So CMEs are a good indicator of how turbulent the core is at FTL velocities."

So the more CMEs and stronger they are the more "ascension" (better termed refined expansion) that is occurring... and this translates to your atoms and based on your awareness (which is determined by % of unconditional love for all) you too can use this to boost "ascension."

"Time to put pieces together… the sun is getting hotter from all the dust and debris the solar system is now experiencing.13 The increased fuel will increase the thermal destructive limit, which will cause a corresponding increase in magnetic ionization level, which will make more elements available for the stellar combustion process—the sun is going to get brighter and hotter. Initially, this will occur as bright flashes,14 like a mini novae, until sufficient material is available to hold the magnetic ionization limit at the next quantum step. At that time, the sun will suddenly jump up in stellar class, and remain there. (Well, “up” in the Reciprocal System, “down” in conventional astronomy, since they have it backwards.)"

And so now we have confirmed what the Natives call the Fifth Sun... and so what stage is the fifth stage we are moving to??? Well there is the Red giant, the orange, the yellow-orange, the white and the blue. Thus we are moving into the blue sun, where communication finally harmonizes... this will enable all truth to surface and all chakras to open... at each changing one can choose to unify with all, utilizing the shift to propel your already quantum harmonization to infinity or one can simply ride the wave and move up a level after a taste of the unified whole, or one can resist it all together and become the excreted radio wave lower dimension/higher density.

Quantum FTL "turbulance" jump... the flickers before the full upshift.

Notice the 5 layers of the little "temples of the sun" replicas as the rays of the new sun!

Here are more amazing sun pix POINTING the way:

Pictures of the Sun which tell God's Story <3

"Inverse (FTL) thermal motion is super-hot, so hot that it appears cold and the region of the sun where it takes place goes dark, as in the sunspot umbra. There are already indications of this beginning to occur.15 Except this time, the whole sun will become an “umbra”—there should be a bright flash, like a nova flare, when the gas hits the fire (additional elements suddenly being available for fuel from the jump in magnetic ionization), then the sun will go dark, like it went out. But only for a short time, until the initial burst of new fuel has burned up and the sun returns to the zone of stability. Like most things, this has happened before16 and will happen again."

This is proof of what the Shambala Monk has recently released... this is the 3 days of darkness where FTL is achieved and the this dimension merges with the extremes of the ethereal dimensions.. merging them all.

Here is the report on what the monks released: [this is translated from Russian]


"21/12/12 – Tibetan monks make a statement for NASA Doomsday
If you believe the predictions of the Maya, before the apocalypse less than two
o months. And although scientists, as they should be, are loath to believe in the ab
surd predictions, astrologers and soothsayers are seriously discussing what will be the designated end of the world.
So, Tibetan lamas do not hide the fact that the risk of a serious accident is quite large: in late December, the Solar system planets line up in a row, which is a unique case. In his message to NASA lama monastery Gyandrek under Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala, said that on December 21 2012, the Earth, along with the solar system passes through the galactic “zero band” writes Earth-chronicles.ru.
“Fall and winter will be warm, and from 12/21/2012 Earth will begin to pass through the galactic” zero band. “This is a special state space where the blanked and not be subject to any energy. Was complete darkness and silence. The electricity and communications. Darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light, as well as the play of light and shadow. Sometimes it may seem that roam figures – as if the dead rose from their graves. earth will shake slightly – like a small earthquake. Some buildings can be destroyed “- warned Lama.
“Animals feel the earth before the coming of the” cosmic dark “and go to ground – said the monk. – People in cities do not feel so are the victims of insanity. Can be lost 10% of the population. “
Oracle Shambhala painted and practical recommendations for humans:

1. You need to prepare for this change of cycles to complete all the works in 2012, not to tie new, pay off debts.
2. 20.12.2012 to take their children, all documents, cash and get out of town into the countryside. Prepare a supply of food for two months, as supply will be restored for a long time.
3. It is necessary to have in the house supply of water, firewood and candles for lighting. You need to have the stove in the house, as the electricity stops flowing from 21.12.2012 on the wire.
4. Communications and TV are turned off. During the “dark days” hang windows dark, not to look at them, do not believe your eyes and ears, not to go out. If you see the need to go, you can not go far – you can get lost, as you’ll even his own hands.
5. After the appearance of the world is not in a hurry to return to the city, it is better to live in the nature of spring.
Disasters according to Tibetan lamas will last two weeks, though the echoes will be felt for some months until the beginning of February. The total yield of the Earth from the “zero band”, expected in about February 7, 2013. There will be a partial restoration of electricity, transport. By late March, the world will recover completely.
End of the world will radically change the outlook of people, according to Oracle Shambhala. It will become more spiritual. In developed and developing countries will blossom variety of scientific and spiritual teachings, systems development and health of the individual. “This will be the most important impetus to the progress of mankind for a long time,” – concludes the monk.
Meanwhile, scientists continue to claim that the fears of the apocalypse are unfounded. “New evidence suggests that the ancient Maya did apocalyptic prophecies” – quoted by LiveScience.com words of the director of the Research Institute of Central America Marcello Canuto.
Many researchers Maya agree that their civilization, if it existed today, most likely, would have invented a new calendar. Archaeologists have found evidence of even deep in the rain forest texts in which the ancient Maya mentioned dates later than December 21, 2012, marks Utro.ru referring to Discovery.""

Now forget all the Doomsday slant given to the unaware public and let us look at the Spiritual Science... all vibration will raise b/c of this event... you will vibrate faster and thus perceive more, experience more!

The truth is revealing itself.

This next excerpt is again from the Spiritually Scientific pdf:

"Also recall the radioactive transitions. When the magnetic ionization increases, there will be a huge burst of radio waves as the material is accelerated FTL, along with the nova flare. The sun will go dark—FTL motion—and when it starts to light up again, there will be a huge burst of x-rays from the sun, and the possible ejection of a great deal of matter from the surface of the sun, due to the re-expansion of FTL thermal motion back to sub-light speed"

Notice that we will be required to make it through the radio-wave pulse. This will "scoop down" all those who are in that lower frequency state of separation & fear to the more fragmented dimension that suits their own energy.... then the FTL and a burst of X-ray emissions to "scoop up" those that are at the level to accept and keep up with the FTL energy and be carried to higher unity in the x-ray sweep, hence the harvest or interpretation of the wheat from the chaff.... although we know that ALL of creation is equally valuable and valued at all levels of awareness within the infinite consciousness that is God/Source.

"What will happen is that, due to the increased FTL motion in the sun, the gravitational balance of the solar system will change. FTL motion is anti-gravitational, so the sun will literally push the planets further outward in their orbits in compensation—the year will get longer.17 Being further from the sun, the planet will survive and establish a new ecosystem—but a different one.
The changes in the sun will also produce changes in the planets, particularly the electro-magnetic alignment of the poles. As has been noted in geologic records, the north and south poles of the planets have been in various locations across the globe—not because the poles are moving, but because the crust of the planet is moving relative to the mantle and core. There is also a high degree of probability that the even will trigger a “core flare”, and expansion event of FTL matter in the core dropping to sub-light speeds and causing the crust of the Earth to expand and open at tectonic boundaries, eventuating in more surface area and a drop in ocean levels as compensation.18
In my opinion, this solar transition is the “harvest” or “ascension” to a new state for life on Earth—not just man—all life on Earth. All the physical properties get “kicked up a notch,” as Emeril would say, commonly known as a “higher density” or a “higher dimension.”"

LOL... this person has a sense of humor of course too!

He/she describes the reasons Aluminum, Barium, Strontium & Iron (which activates the Morgellonous mycobacterium avium complex component) in the chemtrailing program and then says this:

"Controlling the world through weather has its own side-effects, particularly since it tends to poison all the life on the planet. In order to keep things going—and under their control—the genetic makeup of life had to be altered to be tolerant to the new, planetary climate—particularly aluminum and barium (natural strontium is actually beneficial—makes better bones than calcium)."

Now that last part immediately made me think of the MK0Ultra triumphants who spoke of having their bones strengthened by a metal!!! STRONTIUM
"Strontium (play /ˈstrɒntiəm/ STRON-tee-əm) is a chemical element with symbol Sr and atomic number 38. An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically. The metal turns yellow when exposed to air. It occurs naturally in the minerals celestine and strontianite. While natural strontium is stable, the synthetic 90Sr isotope is present in radioactive fallout and has a half-life of 28.90 years. Both strontium and strontianite are named after Strontian, a village in Scotland near which the mineral was first discovered."

... hence the yellow powder found in high altitude heavily chemtrailled areas... The San Bernardino CA news station ran a piece on the non-organic yellow powder found blanketing everything back in 2007.
"In Dewey Larson's book, Beyond Space and Time, he discusses the “life unit,” the origins of the living cell and the biological level of existence.31 One of the more salient points concerning biological structure is that it mimics stellar behavior—life is composed of a stable combination of matter and antimatter (antimatter being called “cosmic matter” in the Reciprocal System that exists in 3-dimensional time). This linkage also has its sub-light (spatial body) and faster-than-light components (temporal mind or soul), and even continues one step beyond that into the realm of ethics and metaphysics—hence Larson's title, Beyond Space and Time."

So you see, you do have bodies beyond the physical, and mind is but the lower one... ZERO POINT is where all is unified with the highest speed, the INSTANT NOW.

"Life has remarkable similarities to the various stages of stellar evolution observed by astronomers, when the evolutionary direction is corrected. Stars are born from a cloud of dirt make a body, the infusion of a soul as the compression of matter reaches faster-than-light motion, and its eventual death in the glory of a supernova. [where the being makes the final release of matter into fully energetic experience... the implode to explode total unity.] Life can be thought of as twin suns [aha Nibiru's place in the holographic reflecting message of life's process], one in space and one in time, linked"

"together in a controlled explosion of energy, such that all the thermal extremes cancel each other out. As Delenn from Babylon 5 stated, “we are star stuff”32 and are inexorably tied to the stellar and planetary processes of the solar system. We have scratched the surface of these associations with concepts such as astrology and metaphysics, but only scratched."


"About these negative and positive time lines that Lambremont and others are talking about… Having worked so much with the idea of a reciprocal relation between space and time, and it's Eastern counterpart, yin-yang, these negative and positive time lines need to be considered two aspects of the evolutionary process. It isn't going to be one or the other, it is going to be both."

I love that last line... I say it all of the time. It is never either or but BOTH... this is even a law of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite (or balancing) reaction. Thus BOTH and in reality ALL possibilities always happen... including the most unified harmonic and most inevitable one.

"What is being called the negative time line is the one the globalists want, their artificial environment with total control. If one remains 3rd density after the solar transition, that's exactly what they are going to have to have in order for 3rd density life to continue on Earth, as the conditions they are preparing for will actually exist—but only in 3rd density. And odds are, they won't last long, and the remaining 3rd density life on Earth will either die out, or have to be relocated to another world. (It is fear based, and they could certainly use a shoot-out between the “good guys” and the banksters to get that going. People living in fear will be stuck in 3rd density.)
The positive time line is the one of ascension, moving to 4th density and beyond. The solar transition provides the energy needed to push life forward in its evolutionary process. Granted, with Larson's research I can identify the mechanics behind it, all the way through the biological stages. But that is actually unnecessary once the evolutive connection becomes evident. The sun evolves, which caused the planets to evolve, which causes life to evolve. Everybody wins."

What happens is those going underground and continuing 3D morph into what we see as the greys... they are more automatronic, lack color, and need suits... what you see as their "skin" is really a suit to try to protect them from the sun as they prevented themselves from shifting with it and so cannot tolerate it and actually according to my late CIA "uncle" were coming back here to try to fix the error they made in judgment to reverse the mutation... you see all times, including so called "past" and "future" are actually all happening NOW as there is only the NOW, which is what you realize when you flip over through FTL processes.

I will leave you to read the very interesting conclusion on Hurricane Sandy... it will surprise <3
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